Linear 22 LS


The Harvia Linear 22 LS stove is a masterpiece that combines timeless design with a strong structure. The wood-heated stove heats up quickly and cleanly and fulfils even the most demanding bather’s wishes. The fire glowing behind the cast-iron-framed glass door creates a traditional atmosphere, and the steam given off by the stove is naturally ample. The stove is made even more convenient by the 29-litre water tank on the left side that heats up while the sauna is being heated. When you want the best, demand the quality of a pioneer in sauna stove technology. Painted in a stylish graphite black, the stove is a treat for the eyes that withstands the test of time.
(available at K-rauta and Rautia hardware stores)


Timeless design meets a strong structure

The Linear 22 stove is source of glowing heat and magnificent bath for medium-sized saunas. The simple, sculptural design adds timeless style to the sauna. Through the cast-iron glass door the warm glow of the fire adds to the sauna atmosphere. The opening direction of the door can be changed. This model also features adjustable legs to facilitate installation and, for example, help in adjusting the height of the smoke outlet.

Water will be heated in the 30-litre water container by the time your sauna is ready for bathing.

Linear 22 LS has the water container on the left side, while Linear 22 LS has it on the right side. Together with Harvia Linear 22 ES, it is now easy to choose the water heater equipped stove that fits your sauna best.

Additional information



Output kW


Weight kg


Dimensions depth cm


Dimensions width cm


Dimensions height cm


Sauna room min. m3


Sauna room max. m3


Stone capacity max. kg

40 (Ø 10-15 cm)

Diameter of smoke outlet mm