Delta Combi 2,9 kW heater with a steamer


Harvia Delta EE is a triangular space saver, the design of which is based on the Greek letter delta (Δ). The illuminated digital control panel enables you to easily set a time for enjoying the great steam of this small heater. Made of stainless steel, the heater is perfect for placing in a corner thanks to its shape.


A versatile small heater for a soft and comfortable sauna bath

Delta Combi is a combined heater and steamer for a small sauna. This accomplished heater offers you a choice between a traditional sauna, a steam sauna, a herbal sauna and a fragrant sauna. The triangular design allows Delta Combi to be installed in a corner, improving the efficiency of space utilisation in the sauna. The heater is easy to mount on a separate wall rack included in the delivery.

The stylish Delta Combi is made of stainless steel and gives your sauna an elegant look and provides you with an enjoyable sauna experience.