About us

In 1985 ``SAUNA İNŞAAT`` LTD begin its individual work.

Founder and owner of the company is Zalov Jahangir Zal oglu. In its working period our company provided construction of saunas in Baku and also in other regions. Enlarging its business our company provided construction of dry and wet saunas in the cities and regions of countries like Russia, Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Kazakhstan, etc . We are constructing dry and wet saunas with Canadian pine, knotand knotless swampy spurce of Finland, cedar of Finland and are giving GOLDEN GUARANTEE.

Company offers not just construction of sauna at the same time otherservices like timber product. For example covering with exhaustions of mansards withFinland wooden cover, exhaustions of holiday rooms and halls with woodencover, manufacturing windows and doors with timber and also collectingtimber cottages.


The company is the only official dealer HELO Finland, involved in theconstruction sauna in Azerbaijan.

In the field of collecting timber cottages EUROHONKA company is numberone and ‘’ SAUNA İNŞAAT ” is only official dealer of the mentionedcompany in Azerbaijan.

“SAUNA İNŞAAT” also works closely with companies such as Tylo ofSweden, Saunatec Germany and other companies in Canada.

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